CEWQO08 application

I have just built my first KDE 4.1/Qt 4.4.0 application. I was asked to make some modifications to the Excel spreadsheet and it was too complicated to do that by hand. I had to swap first and last names and unpack one column into 6 columns. That wouldn’t be a problem if there weren’t about 170 entries which was too much for my copy+paste knowledge :). So I decided to transform the .xls file into an appropriate .csv file (with % as a separator since other characters were already used in the entries) and do the regexp magick using Qt. Since I am using KDE 4.1 (trunk), and it isn’t needed for this program to be delivered to anyone, I also decided to use KDElibs for GUI. So, here it is - the CEWQO08 program (the name sounds strange, but that’s the name of the conference this .xls file is all about). So I swapped the names (trivially, split the QString into QStringList, push_front(last) + pop_last) and QRegExp-ed the column that was to be unpacked.

You can watch the source at repo.or.cz (or just check it out with ‘git clone git://repo.or.cz/cewqo08.git’).

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