Dolphin browses archives

Today I took some time and added new functionality to a great new KDE's file manager - Dolphin. In KDE4 Dolphin will be the main file manager and in KDE3 it is the main file manager only if you setup KDE like I did (change "inode/directory" in KControl->Components->FileAssignments to point to Dolphin as a preferred application).

Well, I have lots of files packed up in the archives and I'd like it to stay that way. Konqueror always could browse through those archives, but dolphin doesn't have that functionality. That is - it didn't have until today. Today I made a patch for both new KDE4 dolphin and backport for the "old" KDE 3.5.6. You can find the KDE4 dolphin's patch in KDE Bugzilla or in KDE Subversion since it has already been integrated into the new Dolphin.

Unfortunately, Dolphin's version 0.8.2 is the last version for KDE 3 and it is going to stay that way. So, if you want to use new functionality, you will have to take my patch from Gentoo's bugzilla. While there, you can also download the ebuild and merge it into your system (if you are using Gentoo). If you are not using Gentoo, then just apply the patch to the source and after the usual configure, make, make install, you will be able to use that patch.

Well, that's all for today. I'm off to watch the brand new South Park episode 01 form serial 11.

Here are some screenshots of Dolphin in action:

Dolphin svn on KDE 4 with new feature and wrong icons (transition to Oxygen)

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Dolphin 0.8.2 on kde 3.5.6 with new feature

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