Mercurial repository

I have created a new Mercurial repository on tesla. The address is here. It was kind of a problem since tesla doesn't allow me to change DirectoryIndex in .htaccess, so I had to make a redirection from php. Also, I had to use mod_python's cgihandler to be able to execute the python scripts. Every other way resulted in server errors. Odd configuration back there, but it is not like I have some other choice. On Alas I can't make ssh use authorized keys, so I have to enter my password all the time. Galeb doesn't even support ssh for some reason. And both galeb and alas have very good apache configurations that let me do whatever I want to do (include my own .so extensions in php, run CGIs, ...), so that would make them better for repository hosting. But there would be no possibility to push the repository to the server and that would make the repository kind of unusable, now wouldn't it ;)

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